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AdVantage Terrain library

AdVantage terrain is not dead! It's just resting.

Naah, it's mostly dead. I haven't been updating it for a while now so I've decided to close the web page and move everything here.

It's probably pointless for anyone to use it now since it's not longer maintained and not all source is avaliable, but I'll leave it up regardless - its runtime performance is still pretty good so it might be interesting for research.

I do intend to put the whole AdVantage source code here at some point, but am currently prevented from doing so by the obligation to people still using the library.

However, not all is lost: a paper on a similar terrain rendering technique will be published (hopefully) soon. It inherits a lot from the AdVantage terrain library and practically makes it obsolete except in some rare scenarios - I'll place all the details on the web page as soon as it's out. Unlike with the AdVantage library, its source code will be completely open and free for anyone to use.

So, on to the old content - last updated 03 April 2008:

Welcome... the home page of AdVantage Terrain Library - a middleware solution for realtime display and interaction with large terrains, intended to be used in flight simulators, real-time strategies, MMOGs, GIS programs or any other software with similar requirements.


Download the latest SDK version 0.92 (02 April 2008), or check out the changelog.

This SDK contains Win32 WorldMaker binaries and demo executables, demo data, and part of the WorldMaker and library source code and requires:

- Windows XP, Windows Vista, 32/64bit
- .NET Framework 2.0
- (optional) DirectX 9.0



Hawaii: Download (size: 325Mb)

hawaii Source heightmap:   13825 x 16769, 16bit, 138 x 168km, 10m resolution
Source texture:   Topographic map, DXT1 format, 27648 x 33538, 5m resolution
Original data & area info can be found at: (links)

Puget sound: Download (size: 480Mb)

puget Source heightmap: 16385 x 16385, 16bit, 160 x 160km, 10m resolution
Source texture: Overlay map, DXT1 format, 16384 x 16384, 10m resolution
Original data & area info can be found at:


Hawaii flythrough download (46Mb).

Huge map generated from random US DEM data: flythrough and physics demo download (117Mb).